Solar Pool Heating with Obstacles

Another exciting solar job for us but with tricky piping. The client received an on-ground pool and asked us to install a solar pool heater. The piping had to go to the opposite side of the house though because the west side and the back of the house had a finished... Read more

Difficult Installation, Easy Operation

This system was difficult to install due to the steepness of the roof.   But once it was installed and hooked up to the system, it heated the pool very efficiently. The temperature reading on the roof was 31 degrees Celsius the next day. The gas heater was installed... Read more

Your Work Today

Just a quick note to let you know that the patches all seem to be holding and we have stopped losing water.  Problem with water pressure turns out to have been a blocked/tangled impeller on the pump.  Once I cleared the clog, we got the water pressure we were used to... Read more

Liner Re-set

We received a phone call from someone asking if we could come out and re-set his liner. After assessing his situation, we decided we will give it a try. The situation was as follows: The gentlemen was poorly advised by another pool company. He drained his pool and the... Read more

New Pool Liner

In February of 2010 my spouse and I purchased a home that had the features what we were looking for at the price range we could afford. As we were newly retired, the inclusion with the house of a large in ground pool was a great bonus as we had envision many sunny... Read more