Pool Reno

This project upgraded an existing indoor pool to more convenience for the owner, energy efficiency and cleanliness in the bunker. We posted the “Before” and “After” pictures. Before: – Undersized, leaking cartridge filter – No... Read more

Liner Re-set

We received a phone call from someone asking if we could come out and re-set his liner. After assessing his situation, we decided we will give it a try. The situation was as follows: The gentlemen was poorly advised by another pool company. He drained his pool and the... Read more

Opening the Pool for the Summer!

Here’s a before and after photo of a pool we opened up last summer. We removed the cover, emptied water bags, installed return jets, baskets, lights, ladders, and rails. We then set up the equipment and inspect all equipment for proper operation.... Read more

Another Pool Liner Installed!

It’s so rewarding for our team to start a project like this one, where the liner is in much need of a replacement. It is refreshing to be able to remove the old liner, prepare the pool and install a new, bright, and fresh pool liner. When you can bring such joy... Read more