Update on the system below from the manufacturer in California and the installer in Ottawa:
Existing system had been extended last year by adding an additional collector. The added collector is the one you see in the pictures below.

Issue Nr. 1:
Installer never issued an Invoice.
That is a big “NO NO”. We understand that people try to save money wherever possible but for an investment like this? You have no claim for warranty or service. You will lose money by doing that, as this client did

Issue Nr. 2:
Installer doesn’t respond to phone calls, emails or messages.
Some people think, installing a solar heating system is easy and start offering this service. With no knowledge of solar heating systems, hydraulics, plumbing and so on, one should not attempt to install such a system.
Choose an experienced and trained installer with a great track record like Poseidon Pool Service Ltd.

Issue Nr. 3:
Manufacturer is not honouring the warranty on the faulty collector.
Another reason to choose Aquatherm Solar Pool Heaters. Aquatherm marked its 25th anniversary this year and honours every warranty claim as stated in the warranty certificate you will receive with every installation done by Poseidon Pool Service Ltd.

Client’s system functionality has been restored by installing a 4 feet spacer until next year.
He wishes to replace the existing system with an Aquatherm Industries System installed by Poseidon Pool.

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“That manufacturer must not pressure test its collectors to NSF-50 criteria under ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards like we do.”
Quote from Aquatherm Industries Inc. from our Facebook Page



“This would never happen with our dual-durometer EPDM rubber couplers, designed specifically for withstand the abuse associated with pool heating applications.”
Quote from Aquatherm Industries Inc. from our Facebook Page



This is what happens when you go with “The Others”. Next time call Poseidon Pool Service and choose Aquatherm Solar Pool Heaters.
The collector is only one (1) year old! #solarpoolheating