We choose to use Sani Marc Pool Chemicals for various reasons. The most important ones are Sani Marc is a Canadian Company and Sani Marc Pool Chemicals were the first Pool Chemicals in North-America who received the EcoLogo Certification for some of their products.

Why Choose Sani Marc  EcoLogo Products?

In 2010, we became the first company in North America to obtain Ecologo CCD-171 certification for a range of pool and spa water treatment products.

Sani Marc Pool Chemicals

Why did we choose Ecologo certification? It is North America’s oldest and most respected environmental standard and certification mark.

The standards that EcoLogo sets are “leadership standards” – they’re designed to be very stringent. Certification can only be obtained by top environmental performers – companies that can prove their products work and are indeed green!

Ecologo is a symbol you can trust. That’s why we continue towards the day where we can proudly display the logo on all of our products. Products like balancers, enhancers, oxidizers, and phosphate removers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Ecologo and the full range of products across industries that carry this mark – visit www.ecologo.org.