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Leak Detection / Diving Service

At Poseidon Pool, we use sophisticated electronic leak detection equipment to find even the smallest leak. Be prepared to provide information about your pool to us over the phone when you first call. Such as:

• What type of pool is it?
• How old is the pool / liner?
• When did you first notice the leak problems?
• How much water are you losing?
• Do you loose more water when the pump is running?

The more information you can provide us about the suspected leak, the better. Based on this information we can start to locate the leak either by pressurizing the lines or by electronically scanning the liner.

Once the leaks are found and located, repairs on the liner can be made immediately by our licensed SCUBA diver. We use clear patches wherever possible.
Repairs to cracks, underground plumbing, or pool equipment however, will usually involve additional work and will be quoted separately. The same applies if it is necessary to replace the liner.

We also offer any kind of SCUBA Diving Service.

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