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Pool Service & Repair

At Poseidon Pool, we do almost everything except building pools. We are experienced in pool Service and Repair as well as installation of pool equipment. We work together with trusted and licensed electricians and gas fitters to ensure the highest quality of work is always provided.

Some of our pool Service and Repair includes, but are not limited to the installation or replacement of:

  • Pumps, Heaters, Filters, Lighting
  • Solar Pool Heating Systems
  • Pipes, Skimmers, Liners
  • Electronic Chlorine Generators (ECG) (Saltwater Pool)
  • Full Pool Automation/Remote Pool Management from your Tablet, Smartphone or PC
  • Installation/Replacement of mesh or solid Winter Safety Covers

We sell most common brands, but we are specialist in Aquatherm Solar Heaters and Hayward and Pentair Pool Products.

Pool Inspection

You won’t buy a house without a house inspection, so why would you buy a house with a pool without a pool inspection. If you had a pool before or you are becoming a first-time pool owner let us do a pool inspection for you. Don’t rely on a Home Inspector. Some buyers assume the home inspection covers the pool, but it is rare if it does. Even if they offer a pool inspection, many home inspectors do not have the required expertise to evaluate a pool. In fact, most home inspection reports include a disclaimer covering the pool.

For the peace of mind, we offer a Leak Analysis of the pool. Within 20 minutes we can determine if the pool loses water or not.

Jens is a Certified Pool Inspector, CPI #CPI-102176, since 2015. He achieved these certifications through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF).

You will receive a comprehensive report about the status of the pool and the equipment. Our report is supported by the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada (PHTCC).

Leak Detection / Diving Services

At Poseidon Pool, we use sophisticated electronic leak detection equipment to find even the smallest leak. Be prepared to provide information about your pool to us over the phone when you first call. Such as:

  • What type of pool is it?
  • How old is the pool / liner?
  • When did you first notice the leak problems?
  • How much water are you losing?
  • Do you lose more water when the pump is running?

The more information you can provide about the suspected leak, the better. Based on this information we can start to locate the leak either by pressurizing the lines or by electronically scanning the liner.

Once the leaks are found and located, repairs on the liner can be made immediately by our licensed SCUBA diver.
Repairs to cracks, underground plumbing, or pool equipment, may need additional visits.

We also offer any kind of SCUBA Diving Service.

Liner Replacement

We do replace vinyl pool liners. Poseidon Pool uses 100% Canadian made virgin vinyl.

The material is manufactured by Poolside by CGT, North America’s leading manufacturer of premium vinyl liner for in-ground pools. The liner is then manufactured by one of our Canadian suppliers.


In 2019 we started selling Saunacore Saunas. The reasons we went with Saunacore are, Saunacore is a Canadian company and simply builds the best Saunas on the market.

Saunacore is Obsessed with Quality… …Quality of Life.

Saunacore’s Saunas, Steam Baths and Heaters are the highest quality and best craftmanship. Everything is handcrafted in Bolton, ON.

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