Pool Service and Repair

At Poseidon Pool, we do nearly everything besides building pools. We are experienced in pool service and repair as well as installation of pool equipment. We work together with trusted and licensed electricians and gas fitters to ensure the highest quality of work is always provided.

Some of our pool service and repair includes, but are not limited to the installation or replacement of:
• Pumps, Heaters, Filters, Lighting
• Solar Pool Heating Systems
• Pipes, Skimmers, Liners
• Electronic Chlorine Generators (ECG)
• Full Pool Automation/Remote Pool Management from your Tablet, Smartphone or PC
• Installation/Replacement of mesh or solid Safety Winter Pool Covers
• Installation/Replacement of full Automatic Safety Pool Covers by Coverstar™

We sell common brands such as:

pool service and repair

Liner Replacement

We also replace vinyl pool liner. Poseidon Pool uses 100% Canadian made virgin vinyl.
The material is manufactured by Canadian General Tower, North America’s leading manufacturer of premium vinyl liner for in-ground pools. The liner is manufactured by our Canadian suppliers.

Contact us for a free quote and to see actual liner samples.