Some of the most common Solar Pool Heating FAQ are:

How do the collectors work?
Using your existing pool pump, water is circulated through the many small passages of the solar collector, where it is warmed by the sun. The warm water then flows directly back to your pool through the regular pool plumbing. Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heaters are designed to work with your existing filtration equipment as well as the latest in pool automation technology.  ‪#‎solarpoolheating solar pool heating faq

Strategically placed slots in the webbing of Ultra-Swim Collectors prevent moisture buildup under the collector to preserve the life of the roof. These same slots allow pressure relief during periods of high wind, so you can expect your Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heater to be working long after the storm has passed. This combination of features is unique to Ultra-Swim and offers all the strength and performance of a full-plate collector with the added benefits of wind load protection and moisture ventilation for your roof.

Solar Pool Heating faq

 solar pool heating faq

How does solar pool heating compare with heat pumps?
The initial cost of installing an in-ground or above ground solar pool heater is generally comparable to that of an electric heat pump. However, while the annual cost of electricity to run a heat pump may be only two thirds that of natural gas (and far less than propane), the sun’s energy is FREE! And of course, solar pool heating is much more environmentally friendly.

solar pool heating faq

How much will my Solar Pool Heater cost to operate?
Since the sun’s energy is free, there are NO operating costs!

 solar pool heating faq

How long is the Warranty on the System?
Poseidon Pool installs Aquatherm Industries’ Ultra-Swim® brand with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a one-year warranty on the installation. 

 solar pool heating faq

How well does solar energy heat a pool?
A properly designed solar swimming pool heater will heat your pool just as effectively as one that uses fossil fuels. On days that are warm enough to comfortably relax poolside, but not warm enough to swim, solar energy will heat your pool to a perfect temperature for swimming, so you can dive right in.

The Thermal Performance Rating per collector according to the certification by the IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc. are:

4’ x 12’ = 43,400 BTU/Collector/Day
4’ x 10’ = 34,200 BTU/Collector/Day
4’ x   8’ = 28,700 BTU/Collector/Day


What is the best type of collector to use for solar pool heating?
Many people make the mistake of spending money on expensive equipment that is not expressly designed for pool heating, such as glass-covered and insulated housings intended for household water heaters. In fact, lower-cost unglazed collectors can deliver heat to your pool more effectively.


Do the solar collectors have to face south?
Not necessarily. As long as the solar collector is installed where it will be exposed to sunlight for a good portion of the day, it will provide plenty of heat. Depending on the angle of the mounting surface, east- and west-facing collectors function just as well.


What if I already have a gas heater or heat pump?
An Ultra-Swim Solar Pool Heater can also work alongside your existing conventional heater. A “Hybrid Pool Heating System” uses solar as the primary source of heat, and any existing gas or electric heater as a backup if necessary. With a hybrid pool heating system, you truly get the best of both worlds.


How are the Solar Pool Heating Collectors manufactured?


How much does it cost to install a solar pool heater?
Actual cost for a pool heating system is based upon the job requirements and may vary. Please contact us for a free Estimate.


For more information on Solar Pool Heating systems please read this Guide published by Natural Resources Canada, called:
Residential Solar Pool Heating Systems – A Buyer’s Guide. Please download the guide here (.pdf document) or contact us.


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 solar pool heating faq solar pool heating faq solar pool heating faq solar pool heating faq solar pool heating faq

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