Just a quick note to let you know that the patches all seem to be holding and we have stopped losing water.  Problem with water pressure turns out to have been a blocked/tangled impeller on the pump.  Once I cleared the clog, we got the water pressure we were used to and it now sounds better as well.

I have to admit, I found your customer service and work ethic to be absolutely refreshing.  You listened to what we were saying, took the time to explain things in an understandable way and solved problems that had other services stymied for six weeks.  Additionally, watching the two of you work together was extremely impressive – you have a solid approach that works very well.  Lastly, the fact that you came on short notice (on Mother’s Day to boot) speaks volumes to your believe in customer service.

We will be recommending you to friends here with pools, as well as the future owners of our house.  Thank-you for the most positive pool maintenance experience we have had in four years of owning our pool.

Tod S. and Zoe C.
Ottawa, ON